Universal Can UniCan™ LED Lighting

The UniCan™ P56 lighbulb retrofit. Fits all Par36-56 Sized Can's or Traditional 7"-12" Diameter Cans for Easy Retrofit install.

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Sunlight at Night

Introducing Sunlight at Night, the LED folio™ Powered LED Streetlight System by SWG Energy that makes traditional grid-connected high-pressure sodium streetlight as antiquated as an old-fashioned gas lamp. Sunlight at Night uses free solar energy to illuminate your streetlights.

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High Bay Lighting

The LED folio Cube160 High Bay Luminaire is a direct plug and play replacement for Metal Halide, HID, and HPS fixtures of up to 400 watts.

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Street & Roadway

Street & Area

Next generation LED technology with shallow beam optical distribution makes our CobraLux fixture ideal for long throw applications.

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Cutting Edge Technology

1LEDfolio products are based around cutting edge LED technology developed by Dr. Steven Kim.  Our patented optics system increases LED efficiency and distribution so that you get the most out of your fixture.

Customer Support

2LEDfolio is a customer oriented company.  We provide fast response on quote and specs, timely delivery, and support availability.  We’re committed to helping you get the best LED experience from start to finish.


Fast Turnaround

3LEDfolio products are proudly Assembled In America!  That means LEDfolio can get you products fast, when you need them.  When you contact us for a quote, we can give you accurate, quick lead times with timely delivery.


Long Lifecycle

4 When you install LEDfolio fixtures, you’re making a long term investment that begins paying dividends immediately.  Our fixtures are rigourous and long-lasting, so that your investment continues long into the future.